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Crying Shame...
Star Rating - 2/19/2007
Camas is no longer the Camas I, my parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents grew up in. As the profile will tell you it is becoming Ritz-ville. Which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't such horrible people. They are forcing out the average-joe in this town. They have helped to bring the paper mill to it's demise. Get this, they buy land, build a fancy house, and when the wind blows the smoke from the smoke stack towards their homes they complain and try legal action. The mill has already started lay-offs, which would account for the higher unemployment rate, and there is about a 5 year plan to completely shut down the mill.

Oh, and get this, I know a few people who owned homes in the millionaire development area. So the developers, the city, and some of the new local millionaires have written up plans that have roads going through my friends living rooms. Their homes are average homes, built some time ago so they could raise their kids and retire in it, however they don't fit into the new mold.

Oh, and get this, a developer gets what they want around here. Years ago when my grandfathers and family friends were on the city council they new growth was coming. So they put in green-space acts, seems like a smart idea, wouldn't you think so??? I know of one developer it didn't stop, however. He built condos on the top side of a hill and mowed down every tree (that was a no-no because of saturated hillsides and the homes below the hill). He almost got away with it in legal rambling that was drawn out long enough to get the condos built and sold anyway, but he did get slapped with a $10,000. fine. Which was nothing and the people who made up the laws a long time ago had no idea that kind of a fine wouldn't make a dent in some people's wallets. And yes, there was a mudslide that eventually DID damage the home below because of this development and NO nothing else happened to the developer. Unfortunately the more recent city councils have not been keeping up and have chosen not to amend these laws.

Anyway, when you see mud slides and houses falling off of the hillsides in the NW, don't feel too sorry for them especially as they haven't learned their lesson and Camas now has miles of cleared hillsides with built or to-be-built homes. Let alone it has taken away from the property values of the homes at the foot of these hills... Thanks!

Then there is others who move in, buy a bunch of land, and mow down the forest so they can have "
Carla | Pray, MT
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