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Buyer Beware!!
Star Rating - 3/28/2016
I've lived in the Afton area of Star Valley since 1996. I have a nice house that I purchased in a nice subdivision while prices were reasonable. Our house and property prices have gone through the roof over the last couple of years due to an influx in the housing market from Jackson, WY. Many who live in Afton commute 70+ miles to Jackson to earn a decent wage. Wages in Afton do not match what the home costs are. The town is not a bad size with lots of restaurants, a bowling alley/movie theater, large grocery store, 3 bars, hotels, etc. BUT, there is nothing to do for kids on a regular basis. No camps, activities, etc. There is REALLY nothing to do for teenagers who aren't religious or family oriented. Many teenagers drink, party, etc. I KNOW this because I grew up here as a teenager. The closest town with a Walmart and mall is 2 hours away!! The bowling alley and movies get old and expensive when you are looking at that being the only under-aged entertainment here. Last names definitely carry weight with the school sports programs. If you are a move-in, your odds of kids succeeding in sports here is very low. It would be an ok place to retire in if you like getting snow from October through May. Winters are long and harsh. It is 3/28/16 and we just got 4 inches of wet, heavy snow last night to commute to work in. I have been driving 70+ miles one way to Jackson to work since 1997 and have yet to find a job in the Afton area that I could afford to take.
Mandy | Afton, WY
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- 8/18/2017
Love Afton and Star Valley!!!!!
Yes, we moved from a crowded, crime ridden area and found paradise. Not to have to look a...
Phyllis | Afton, WY | No Replies

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