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Star Rating - 11/13/2007
The main highlights: the Hotel Nevada is the gem in this small town with the best pizza anywhere, and the people who live in Ely are very friendly. We'll see how friendly when I finish with the negatives. Wages aren't bad at all for the size of the town, however the rents are increasing beyond the income levels.
I don't think this town has seen any tax dollars in decades (except for the schools), the two main streets are in good repair, however every other street in town is cracked with potholes to rival canyons. If you move here be prepared to save plenty of money each year for tires and suspension problems for your vehicles. The money you save on not needing to do yearly emissions tests will be spent on repairs. The nearest Walmart/Kmart/Alco or Pamida is over 150 miles away so when I went looking for a new purse or shoes I had a selection of about 10 pair in the entire town. If you live here make sure you have your own washer and dryer because the one laundo-mat in town has pretty much the same machines it had when it opened (probably in the 60's). Not really anything for kids to do. Two limited radio stations with pretty much the same type of programming on both. There is a pretty lake nearby but you have to pay to park there. I had originally moved there intending to open a small retail business but changed my mind when I saw how run-down most of the downtown storefronts looked. Cracked and peeling paint on more than half of the buildings and not just the businesses.
Tracee | Belle Fourche, SD
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