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Star Rating - 2/1/2006
I lived in Terre Haute for 23 years and in that time the town hardly changed. Opportunity is limited, housing is cheap, yet good salaries are hard to find. The city is very spread out with no real designation of city and suburb, causing a lot of blochy areas with nice to mid income homes on one block, then low income and government housing on the next block. Terre Haute has Indianapolis, to the East about 70 miles, but no city with any significance within 2 hours or more on the N, W, and S. With all the major highways going through this city you would think it would be attractive to busines and industry, however it is not. Steve Martin called Terre Haute the "Armpit" of America. He was not far off.
Reid | Bloomington, IN
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- 6/14/2012
Great place for a family, great place for a corpor
I read varied reviews when I moved here from the east coast 3 years ago - some good, some...
Bp | Terre Haute, IN | No Replies

- 2/23/2012
Guy had it right...back then
Terre haute used to be ok, now it's one of the worst places I've seen....
Bryan | Terre Haute, IN | 1 Reply

- 4/13/2010
Disgusting Little Town
Terre Haute is a failed city attracting misfits that can't function in normal society or k...
shelly | Terre Haute, IN | No Replies

- 7/25/2009
Terre Haute is dirty and poor. Jobs are low paying, hard to find, and hard to keep. It is ...
samantha | Redmond, WA | No Replies

- 4/12/2009
Terre Haute
Great place to raise a family. Housing very affordable....
Richard | Terre Haute, IN | No Replies

- 9/15/2007
I'm never coming back
I hate this place. Hell on earth. I once had my car frozen into a parking spot in Terre...
Eliza | Indianapolis, IN | No Replies

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