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Nice place but not for middle class
Star Rating - 7/31/2017
I lived here 4 yrs coming from NY fir a better life for my son. I live with suster cant afford something on my own because for a 2 bdrm its over 2300 . Too many luxury blgds with 1 yr lease that jumps a few hundred a year. I hope I dont end up back in NY or south. When will middle income families get a break.
Dee | Stamford, CT
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- 9/27/2018
The Lovely Stamford! Not Perfect, But Not That Bad
I've lived here for about 6 months and actually love it! I lived on Long Island, Queens, a...
Briana | Stamford, CT | 1 Reply

- 7/30/2015
crazy expensive
Fairfield county connecticut is the most expensive fully adjusted place to live in the con...
kevin | Wilton, CT | No Replies

- 3/20/2015
Stamford exemplifies the death of middle-class fam
Stamford has changed much since the reveiws below. I’m writing this review after 18 yea...
Disillusioned | Stamford, CT | No Replies

- 3/11/2013
I don't feel comfortable offering an opinion about the city. I'm a member of the press and...
Maggie | Stamford, CT | No Replies

- 2/7/2011
Update later
Update later...
SC | Westport, CT | No Replies

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