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Town of Wappingers Falls NY
Star Rating - 5/23/2012
Wappingers Falls is the name of a village and town. The village is within the town. Wappingers Falls is not a busy town. It is very calm. The biggest road in Wappingers Falls in US Route 9. After that is County Road 93 ( Myers Corners Road), which runs straight through Wappingers Falls. This is a great plce for people who enjoy things like bird-watching or watching trees and plants change with the seasons. Wappingers Falls mainly consists of residental neighborhoods, parks, banks, and a few supermarkets. Since 2000, Wappingers Falls has had a 9.8% increase in population. Overall, Wappingers Falls is a nice place to live and raise kids. I hope thuis review helped!!!
John Frobb | Wappingers Falls, NY
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1 Replies As you can see, there is a town of wappinger and a separate village of wappingers falls (this is corroborated by the first paragraph on the village of wappingers falls page which describes the village as falling 2/3's into the town of wappinger and 1/3 into the town of poughkeepsie). People may call the town wappingers falls, but that is not the official name. In fact if you google "town of wappinger" you will see many more pages devoted to the town as separate from the village, as well as local organizations with the town of wappinger name, like the local little league. The discrepancy may come from the fact that the same post office serves both the village and the town (as well as other areas) but the post office is located in the village and therefore mail for the village and the town should be addressed to Wappingers Falls.
Whydoyouneedthis | Wappingers Falls, NY
- 6/14/2013
Suburban living at its best
My family has lived in the village for 4 generations, myself for 22 years before I had to ...
Whydoyouneedthis | Wappingers Falls, NY | No Replies

- 8/6/2012
Use as commuter location
Not a lot of jobs in this town; need to commute locally (Poughkeepsie) or to Westchester C...
Bp | Wappingers Falls, NY | No Replies

- 5/30/2012
The climate in Wappingers Falls is nice. In the Winter, the average temperature is 35F. In...
John Frobb | Wappingers Falls, NY | No Replies

- 5/29/2012
First of all. Everyone thinks that the village is called " Wappingers Falls" and the town ...
John Frobb | Wappingers Falls, NY | 1 Reply

- 5/23/2012
Town of Wappingers Falls NY
Wappingers Falls NY is a very calm town. WF consists of residental houses, supermarkets, a...
John Frobb | Wappingers Falls, NY | No Replies

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