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why is the air soooo bad in Billings?
Star Rating - 5/24/2014
In looking at the air quality on here for Billings, I was quite surprised to see that the air quality was so bad. My father was looking at retiring there and thought it would good for his asthma but it doesn't look like it. Being by the mountains, I thought it would be a lot better than that.
Mountainclimber | Sevierville, TN
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Yes, the air is AWFUL! I have developed full blown asthma and cough. There is a fine layer of white dust all over my house, so I had to buy air cleaners. Thought it would be different here. The reason? Not sure, but my guess is ALL the factories surrounding the city. Propane, coal etc blowing garbage into the air. So if you have lung issues, not recommended.
Shelley | Billings, MT | Report Abuse

It is not bad.
Ted | Billings, MT | Report Abuse

Try red lodge for retirement. No air quality issues there.
Ted | Billings, MT | Report Abuse
- 4/13/2019
Too cold
It's cold up here. Brrr. Also it's not like Western MT, few have moved here from elsewhere...
Alan | Billings, MT | No Replies

- 3/29/2019
Hey, Billings! This is NOT California! Wake up!
The housing market here is a JOKE! Higher per square foot than comparable locations in CA...
Brad | Billings, MT | No Replies

- 6/28/2015
Water Quality
My husband and I are considering Molt, MT as a possible new home. We see that the water q...
Victoria | Union City, PA | 1 Reply

- 6/15/2011
The cost of housing is over priced, considering the climate and jobs...
Denny | Billings, MT | No Replies

- 1/18/2011
Quality of Life
Quality of life is pretty high. Housing isn't too expensive (median house value $200,000),...
Don | Billings, MT | No Replies

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