Review of Springfield, Oregon

Meth Freaks, theft... beautiful area....
Star Rating - 9/29/2014
Springfield, OR has had a lot meth and heroin. On my street, most of us have been the victim of some sort of crime. Meth labs are slowly disappearing. It has taken 23 years to see chang and that has only been within the last 5 years. I don't wake up at 3am anymore wondering why my eyes are burning. The smell is so toxic. Several, of us on my block, continue to clean the neighborhood, and watch out for unusual behaviour.

I am ready to move. I have had way too many problems. I guess I am sick of the whole scene. Theft is everywhere across the world. Meth labs, I don't know which areas of the nation are affected. I turned 2 different families into the police. Both had kids around while cooking. Next door, a heroin overdose and a little girl running down the block screaming, My Daddy isn't waking up" Plants in my front yard, are continually being pulled out of the ground. YEP.... I am done. Don't know where, but I am packed and ready to bail.
Margo | Springfield, OR
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