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Modern day Mayberry with diversity and a few clubs
Star Rating - 1/23/2019
I tried to rate Loganville five stars but there was some sort of glitch and could only do four stars. I lived in Loganville for almost 25 years. Originally from Long Island, lived in Georgia most of my life. Moved to Loganville in '96 with my husband and two young children because the housing was so affordable. We bought a beautiful 3 year old house, 2000 sq ft on an acre of land on a cul de sac, in a subdivision with swim, tennis, stocked lake and walking trails for $121k back in 96. You can find plenty more just like that in the $200k price range today. The schools were very good at the time and are even better now. I just sold my house to my daughter and husband and her young boys because it's the perfect place for them to raise their children. Plenty of space to run around to your heart's content, fresh air, low crime, no pollution, clean water, great schools, an adorable downtown that's active with parades and street parties...there's also all the conveniences needed in Loganville's local shopping, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Dick's Sporting Goods, Home Depot, Lowes, Kroger, Publix, Aldi's, Dollar Tree/General, Petco, nail/hair, furniture, guns!, package stores, every chain and fast food restaurant, Starbucks, a bowling alley, local businesses, PLENTY of healthcare services like dialysis, oncology, ob/gyn, PCP, dental, mental health, vision, pet services. And if that's not enough for you, there are even more in the neighboring towns which are a five to ten minute drive when you avoid rush hour. Going in the opposite direction away from the crowds, towards Monroe - the county seat- there is world class vintage/antique/thrift shopping, it would take you a month to see all of it. Suffice it to say, Loganville has all the shopping to satisfy every need you can imagine. The people are lovely, country-friendly, they look you in the eye when you pass them on the street or in the shops and say hello. The schools, look them up, are awesome. Some of them are brand spanking new with state of the art provisions. The diversity is huge in Loganville. You will see White, African American, Hispanic, Indian, Islanders, Asian and mixed races. Everyone of them adopting the small town country mannerism that makes Loganville the charming place that it is. Population about 12,000. Wide range of economic diversity. No matter where you are on that continuum, you will fit in. Incredible sports facilities, we have sent out several professional ball players. The down sides to Loganville? It is NOT a walkable city at all. You HAVE to have a car. No public transportation. Not much by way of culture and no movie theaters. Traffic can be heavy during rush hours. You are 45 minutes from Atlanta or Athens, the two largest cities which host big events. You can certainly find employment locally, but for a higher paycheck, you need to go towards Atlanta. Mom and Pop restaurants and shops didn't quite survive the suburban sprawl in Loganville. (Opportunity for anyone who might be entrepreneurial??) Summers are hot but make for gorgeous tans and fabulous days lounging at the pool. Winters are mild but have been known to occasionally snow, which makes for some crazy drivers! (See Saturday Night Live Atlanta snowstorm, you'll crack up.) If you love outdoor activities, pretty women, men in cowboy boots, diversity, fresh air and driving around, check out Loganville. It's a modern day Mayberry, with diversity and a few nightclubs.
Maria | North Druid Hills, GA
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