Review of Minden, Louisiana

Star Rating - 11/1/2017
Where to begin. I have lived in Minden for 30 years. My husband was born and raised here. We want to move. The new mayor signed a contract with a large electric company without fully reading it and the city is locked into a 20 year contract for power supply and the lights bills have gone from $200 - $300 in the summer to $700 plus, so more than doubled. There was a company that was in the area doing a contracted emergency clean up on Camp Minden, they wanted to remain on Camp Minden and continue business after the project was completed. Would have brought in 100+ jobs to the area. The area businesses and residents fought this and the plant shut down. Politics is corrupted. It is basically a who you know and how much money do you have if you want to have a successful business in Minden. The housing is getting worse, what used to be pretty neighborhoods are now slums. We are moving out of state as soon as we can.
D | Minden, LA
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