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Great Small Town
Star Rating - 4/14/2018
I actually really liked the town of Devils Lake. The winters can be pretty brutal, but I never minded them too much since I've always loved cold weather. The people of Devils Lake are a bit on the conservative side as most small-town folk normally are so as a member of a minority group, I was a little apprehensive about moving there but I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about. Despite their conservative nature, people in Devils Lake are very warm and accepting of others. I never had any problems. We've got a lot of genuinely nice people there and even though I moved out years ago I still keep in close touch with a lot of the friends I made there. I took off one star because of how isolated the town was. An hour and a half drive just to get to stores like Costco or Target if I couldn't find what I was looking for in Devils Lake. I definitely didn't like that too much. Grocery prices were pretty insane there too but other than those two things, it was a great small town with very good people that make you feel like family and that look out for one another.
Jessica | Fontana, CA
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- 6/20/2009
Devils Lake is home to one of the top walleye fishing lakes in the country....
John | Devils Lake, ND | No Replies

- 2/8/2006
Beautifully Cold
If you enjoy the out doors, this will be your paradise. The Devils Lake brings beginning ...
Beatrice | St. Michael, ND | No Replies

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