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Real Water Quality Results
Star Rating - 11/30/2012
Port Charlotte's water quality results are grossly overinflated. According to, when they were allowed to post true water study results, showed numerous cancer-causing toxins present in our drinking water that includes:


Many more were included, but this is the short list I remember. True water quality results for Port Charlotte ranked a 2.1 out of 10. 10 being 'best' and 0 being worst. All chem's cause reproductive problems, immune dysfunction, organ failure, etc. The worst is "bioaccumulation," so when doctors say small amounts aren't bad--if they didn't build up or 'bioaccumlate' inside of you that may be true. But they do, so repeated exposure(using water for cooking, bathing, teeth brushing, etc) will absolutely harm you. Just sayin'....
EFHerne | Port Charlotte, FL
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