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Better do more research on this one.
Star Rating - 12/11/2008
Selmer's job market is shrinking by the hour. Literally (just about). We had 6 major factories that employed a majority of our population as recent as 5 years ago. Since then we have lost 1 completely, 2 more are closing for sure after the first of the year, 1 is under observation and may close and 2 more have laid off so many people they are running with "skeleton crews" and those "lucky" folks are getting around 25 hours a week...on a good week. Unless you work in education or have some form of medical degree the only options open to you are pretty much gas stations, Walmart and fast food. Oh, and those are filling up quickly because - duh! - so many people have lost factory jobs that they are scrounging for what they can get to support their families.
Abhd | Selmer, TN
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