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Star Rating - 3/6/2019
We live in Boise but are seriously considering a move to Fountain Hills. We have visited FH and it's beautiful...but we are not sure we can do the Summers! In Boise there are 4 months where temps never get above 20-30 degrees. The days are usually windy, cold and grey, there is no going for hikes or bike rides or golf (at least for me) during Winter. I am originally from So Cal so I am fine with sun and heat but we are talking about Arizona heat! Can someone please give us the straight scoop on the Summers.
Mark | Garden City, ID
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Fountain Hills has some beautiful views but it's mostly retired people who are only here in the winter. The summers are BRUTAL but the winters are nice. But you have 6 months of brutal heat where you can't do anything outside really. There isn't much to do here unless you like to hike - not many museums, historic homes, gardens - everything is brown and the heat gets to you after a while. We want to move after only a couple years here. I would stay in Boise or go somewhere greener.
Charlene | Fountain Hills, AZ | Report Abuse

Payson might be for you, imagine pine forest, and chilly, but not outrageous winters. It's like Flagstaff, but a little cheaper.
Rhett | Cordova, AK | Report Abuse
- 7/25/2017
best kept secret
We have lived in many cities in the US we moved here 10 yrs ago raised 2 boys and I would ...
Steven | Fountain Hills, AZ | No Replies

- 1/22/2013
Fountain Hills, AZ
Beautiful homes with mountaineous views....
suzanne | Fountain Hills, AZ | No Replies

- 1/10/2013
Thinking of moving there
Hello anyone out there. I would like to know a little more about. Foountain.hill ...
Victoria | Swansea, MA | 1 Reply

- 6/14/2012
It is a Beautiful place to live, But if you are single and want a life unless you are read...
Robyn | Fountain Hills, AZ | No Replies

- 5/17/2009
Fountain Hills is a small urban community on the northeast ourskirts of the Phoenix, AZ me...
JP | Fountain Hills, AZ | No Replies

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