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Review of Fort Smith, Arkansas

Awful place to live.
Star Rating - 11/5/2011
The people of Fort Smith are nosey,rude and confrontational...If you are having a private conversation with another person,they butt in and offer their opinion even though they were not asked...They are also a city full of deceptive liars and if you are looking for a great place to live,move somewhere else.
Melanie | Muldrow, OK
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@Kathi: You are correct! Fort Smith REALLY sucks, and I'll be moving, too. As soon as possible! Have a good life here in Podunk, AR.
James | Fort Smith, AR

I have lived in Fort Smith my whole life and I do not know what you are talking about. You might just be hanging around the wrong people because it is not the people I see in Fort Smith. They are always polite and sweet to me! I'm sorry you feel this way but since you do, I suggest not visiting here. I do find it funny that you call people from Fort Smith (like myself) "nosey,rude and confrontational" (nice punctuation by the way) but you are the only one I see that is disrespectful.
James | Fort Smith, AR

Sounds like you need to move...
Kathi | Renton, WA
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