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Great if you like bad traffic and bad air :-P
Star Rating - 8/23/2019
I was born in Boise and lived there for most of my life, just shy of 40 years (1976-2016). It used to be an amazing place! I moved to rural Maine because it had become so congested, cramped, noisy and the air quality was often terrible. I returned this summer (2019) three years later for a visit to find it much worse.

IF a person lived in LA county and spent 3-4 hours a day commuting in gridlocked traffic, I can see how the Treasure Valley might seem a respite. But then they also have to accept the inversions of Boise winters which are abysmal, even for someone from LA county. For the rest of the "sane" people out there, I can't imagine what they see in the place.

It is urban sprawl from the foothills into the desert. When will there be no open space between Nampa and Caldwell? It's horrible. I've spent plenty of time driving in Chicago and the Treasure Valley traffic can be far worse. At least in Chicago there is world-class dining and entertainment. Boise has pretty good dining and entertainment (if you know where to find it)... but not enough to justify the other headaches.

Before I moved away I lived in the North End against the foothills and worked downtown. Commuting was by foot or skateboard and all the Ridge to Rivers trails were right outside my door for outdoor fun. If you can swing that Boise would still be a wonderful place (although the air quality must be deteriorating every year). But very few people could probably manage that.

The urban blight beyond that - mega subdivisions where only semi-arid desert and farmland once was - is beyond depressing. Cookie cutter domiciles connected through a road system that was never designed to handle the traffic, punctuated by big box stores, fast food, and auto malls. No soul, no spirit, but a big yes to traffic jams.

I'll go back to visit friends/family on occasion, but after having spent some time in rural living, I will never live in a city again. And if I had to, Boise would be far down the list of desirable cities.
Bob | Troy, ME
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You don't know what traffic is! You don't know what air pollution is! Did you retire to Maine (lots of ppl do), but those of us still working cant' just do that.
T | Riviera Beach, FL

Same here, native, 54, getting squeezed out! Our government didn't think this through. If I had wanted to pay California's prices and live in California I would have moved to California. Instead, lucky us, California and its rates, cost of living Etc move to me. Now I can't afford to live here don't even know where to go. You think they all swarmed up to Alaska too? Can't even go to Oregon they've trashed that that state as well. This is sort of turn me into a cynical b****
Tracy | Boise, ID

I have lived in Boise / Nampa area for most of my life (of 53 years). I am so tired of all the traffic and exploding population. I also have been a victim of unemployment. It also seems to me that the pace of everything is way too fast, it is very unsettling, and cause undue stress! The traffic is a major problem, and people are always driving at a ridiculous pace! I can be driving over the speed limit, and people still are "On my Bumper", ready to mow over my vehicle at any time! It is even hard to slow down to pull off the road, because the person behind me is following so close – I always feel that they are going hit me! People do Not pay attention to the Speed limits; they seem to just drive as fast as they can! I have loved Idaho, and I have done a lot of outdoor campouts and hikes, but it seems to be getting more stressful just driving to the destination and there is almost always a bunch of people. Idaho has been my home, however with all the population explosion, impatient drivers, unable to get a job – I would like to find a place with a slower “Pace of Life”, less people and more patient drivers!
Scott | Nampa, ID
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