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All-Around Great Quality of Life
Star Rating - 7/13/2009
Ithaca, New York has a wonderful quality of life. The city has many of the cultural trappings of a major city, such as a plethora of restaurants, professional theatre troupes, museums, arthouse cinema, and a major university. It also has much of the charm of a small town. While hilly, it's a bicycle-friendly city with an excellent public transit system. The city is small enough that a bicycle is a viable primary mode of transportation. With a large lake, forests, extensive hiking trails, and three state parks within a fifteen-minute drive, Ithaca is an outdoors enthusiast's dream. All-in-all, Ithaca NY is a great place to live.
Mike | Ithaca, NY
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- 10/1/2021
Great place to live. Lots to do, vibrant culture, and beautiful scenery. Don't fear the wi...
observer23 | Ithaca, NY | No Replies

- 7/12/2021
Ithaca a liberal cess-pool
I was born, raised, educated there (Ithaca High and Cornell). In my opinion, before leavin...
Enzo | New Philadelphia, OH | 3 Replies

- 4/27/2018
Ithaca is great (if you don't want to date).
I think Ithaca is a superb community. The city is beautiful, there are tons of things to d...
geekwriter | Freeville, NY | 3 Replies

- 3/17/2018
Ithaca NY
Ithaca is the best little liberal town in America. The people are amazing and it’s a beaut...
Mena | Ithaca, NY | No Replies

- 9/5/2013
mixed review
I moved to Ithaca from the southeastern US to escape red America at the height of the Bush...
Red rover | Ithaca, NY | No Replies

- 2/1/2010
Gas drilling in Marcellus Shale
Many residents are worried that prospective drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shal...
Bill | Freeville, NY | No Replies

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