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Star Rating - 6/12/2013
Hello! I am 45 years old and love the outdoors and winter sports. Though I am originally from the southern USA, I have lived in Chicago, DC, Miami, San Francisco, Morocco, and Los Angeles.

I am looking to make a life change and possibly move to Laramie...thoughts?
JGG | Los Angeles, CA
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- 8/16/2019
One of the best-kept little secrets
One of the best-kept little secrets. This is one of the few places in the US where you don...
Angelina | Laramie, WY | No Replies

- 8/23/2017
Housing sucks and so do the drivers
The town reminds me of what you would see in places like new york and san fransisco. Peopl...
nunya | Laramie, WY | 1 Reply

- 1/7/2017
Wonderful small town
Great place to raise a family and neighbors actually know each other and help each other. ...
Tim | Broomfield, CO | No Replies

- 11/23/2012
The climate is dry, thin air. Very windy and usually a cold wind. The sun is mostly out....
Frederick | Laramie, WY | No Replies

- 8/15/2009
You must be VERY tolerant of high winds & very cold winters to live here. Much of the wint...
pam | Laramie, WY | 1 Reply

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