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Not much has changed?
Star Rating - 6/15/2009
I left Carmel for good in 1988 and never looked back. That being said, I thought my childhood in Carmel was about as idyllic as one could hope for. Large yards in a small neighborhood surrounded by nature meant one could just as easily round up enough friends to play football or opt to explore the woods or ride bikes to the reservoirs. Also, enough winter to play hockey on the ponds or sleigh ride.

Unfortunately, I believe the previous poster is correct. NY State in general is a fiscal disaster and corruption still reigns. I now live in the South where folks talk about the "old boy network"; well, I think it was a lot worse in NY.

NKBC | Sebastian, FL
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Our productive class in NY is very happy—upstate is rife with farms and orchards. Wish Carmel offered more production jobs and less service jobs. Our services are reliable and income high; unions ensure jobs are lucrative & generate the alleged "corruption" you've seen. Good politicians serve poor welfare and I'm proud to back them—bad politicians enable corrupt police and I reject them. Here's a stressful state, but to survive bears glorious rewards.
James | Carmel, NY | Report Abuse
- 7/18/2008
Beautiful, nice schools but.................
Lived here(Carmel) eight years and love it but with the corrupt running the show this town...
gloria | Carmel, NY | No Replies

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