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Mixed Bag
Star Rating - 11/4/2015
DBQ is like most places where it can be good or bad depending on your perspective. My biggest problem, by far, is that I struggle to appreciate the vast majority of working class people that make up DBQ. I've had a lot of runs-ins with people for nonsensical reasons -- like parking on the street in front of someone's house. My neighbor is one of these people and I'm considering selling my house, so I don't have to deal with this kind of thing. Some people are more tolerant. I'm not. This also makes it difficult to date if you are an educated, single person. The dating pool is small.

However, the city is doing a lot to make improvements. They say the downtown area has developed over the years from what it was. The general area is beautiful and hilly. It's not far from Madison, which is a great city. It's pretty liberal for Iowa, which can be good or bad depending. There are several new yoga studios in town. And there are meat packing factories on the west side of town and sometimes that whole area smells like bacon.

Overall, it's not the worst place I've lived, but I have lived in a border town in Mexico, so again, perspective.
Suzanne | Ames, IA
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- 3/2/2018
Great town to live in!
Dubuque, IA is a great town to live in!...
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- 7/14/2016
Sad town
This town is not for ANYONE that is not from a different ethnicity. THEY ACT THE ROLE BUT ...
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Above Reasonable
Food/Groceries still higher than most states. Rent is not as reasonable. Crime is there b...
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- 4/28/2011
DBQ is for conservative families!
Dubuque is a town for families and religious folks. If you are young this is the wrong pla...
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- 11/28/2009
Masterpiece on the Mississippi - a City of History
Dubuque, Iowa is built into the limestone bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River in the ...
Michael | Dubuque, IA | No Replies

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