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Review of Manitowoc, Wisconsin

" Dairy Is Scary " Now it makes sense!
Star Rating - 6/3/2020
Seen some Wisconsin billboards read:
" Dairy Is Scary "
Now it makes sense!
We should have read more reviews before my family was coerced with a job offer to move here from out of state.
A local's only mentality.
There's nothing welcoming about the area or the people.
My family moved here for a job transfer in environmental engineering, but soon found out about so many of the closed companies.
The real lack for people talking to your face instead prefer to call an outsider only to stab you in the back to ruin your creditability.
The people are so desparate for jobs which leads to a lack in trust and common courtesy.
Cold place equals cold people
I guess we bought into the dream of dairyland!
It's mostly immigrants or low wage illegal workers running the big dairy farms.
Sad but true
America's very own milk heartland is a sham to make this country great.
Sure if that means riding on the backs of the poor to our financial gain.
Too many cows hearded into tight spaces like you wouldn't imagine.
And the ugly truth, they don't care about their immigrant workers the way you would expect since many are from Latin or South America - a long ways away from their families.
Our family will be exiting to another area ASAP
Farhell.Danielson | Manitowoc, WI
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