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25 years here, Cannot imagine living anywhere else
Star Rating - 9/10/2021
WA has been my home since 1996.
I’ve lived in other states and travelled widely so am aware of pros / cons of other localities.

Our state is green, with beautiful nature and lots of rain. I love it! Most people are kind and friendly; this is after all the home of the “You go” “No you go” guy at the intersection. Thankfully this remains even with all the influx we have had.

Someone mentioned people as being closed off here. For me this is something I love also.

Something that has brought folks here for decades is the opportunity that is here. Lots of great paying jobs in our state.

Pros: Nature, the people, opportunity.

Cons: All states have their drawbacks. So do we. A rapidly growing region brings crime and we have some serious problems in that area in our bigger cities.

Another problem influx brings is cost. Housing prices are through the roof (pun intended).

Therefore, the commute to those great jobs can be long, and traffic on the west side of the state is awful.

Cons: Crime, pricy housing, bad traffic.

One way to enjoy all the awesome things that our state has to offer, is to go live in one of our smaller towns.

For me, I cannot imagine living anywhere else. Washington is home.

Grumpy | Ferndale, WA
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