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Horrible for Young People
Star Rating - 4/21/2016
This place is exactly what you'd expect for a small town. Great for old people who like a slow lifestyle of fishing and pig pickings. Horrible for young people -- teenagers or young adults. There's nothing here for them. No shopping (just a little strip mall with Walmart, TJ Maxx and Belk), no concerts, no nothing. No ethnic diversity whatsoever, the population is very "monochrome" (black and white). There is one tiny movie theater showing mainstream movies if you're into that. Nightlife? Ha.

You want to go to any stores like H&M or Forever21 or Anthropologie or whatever? Go get in your car and drive an hour and a half to Charleston. Want to attend a concert? Get in your car again. Hell, we don't even have a Target here. Job market is great if you want to work in the fast food industry. If you're young, you get the hell out as soon as you can to escape the crushing boredom.
emily | Burton, SC
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