Review of Helena Valley Northwest, Montana

Relocated from Denver CO
Star Rating - 10/11/2007
After reading the review from Frank of Yuba City, CA. I was amazed a the likeness of Ca to Colo. Word for word I would have to describe Denver. Like Frank, we are parents of two small children. We believe Colorado stinks for raising children. Colorado has become a virtual cess-pool of diversity with unbeliveable illegal immigration problems, so on and so on. My husband is a native of Denver, but does not miss it, it has changed so much since his childhood and then some even with my 25 years there, with him, it didn't even feel like home while we were still there. We actually live in a small town 25 miles NW of Helena (so small, in was not in the listing of cities for MT) called Canyon Creek. Our twin boys attend a little historical school with a total attendance of 9 children. Our boys love it as do we. The commute to Helena for my husband to work (or mine to shop), is 30 min of stress free trafficless rolling hills and farmland which beats 60 mins in bump to bump traffic on I-25 to travel only 10 miles! The only major freeway here I-15 that runs thru Helena is a delite! the most traffic I've ever seen on it at one time is maybe 10 cars?! The people here are friendly & they live for recreation! Skiing (water & snow) boating, fishing, camping, etc. Too much too list all. Weather here is not much different than Colo either, it was easy for us to adapt.
Life is too short to worry about the latest & greatest in shopping & dining. We have only one Major Hospital and a children's Hospital but if they don't work for you, there are others in surrounding cities not too far off, if nothing else the commutes again are georgeous! (not to mention, NO TRAFFIC!) With a population of less than 30,000. there are no crowds anywhere either! Oh what a piece of paradise!!!!
Denver was/is hell on earth and we're trying everything in our power to get our friends to relocate too!

Lori | Canyon Creek, MT
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