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Prices TOO High
Star Rating - 12/13/2008
The cost of living is much too high for what you get here. The gas prices are at least 20 cents per gallon higher than anywhere else around. The electric bills are outrageous and natural gas for home heating is not too reasonably priced either. We have lived in Pennsylvania, Connecticut (not a cheap place to live), and Florida and the cost of living here is NOT any less expensive, in fact, I think it is slightly more. This town, or city (if you want to call it that) is trashy and the higher prices are not at all justifiable. The school system is terrible as well. I cannot wait to move out of here, Albuquerque is MUCH nicer and the cost of living is reasonable there.
Scott | Espanola, NM
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- 6/3/2006
high real estate prices...
kemal | Alcalde, NM | No Replies

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