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Upstate New York-Awesome Salmon fishing, snow-mobi
Star Rating - 1/16/2015
We live in Pulaski, NY. Also known for Salmon Fishing. A wonderful place to raise a family. Only requirement; MUST love the snow. Winters are severe. LOTS of snow, high winds and COLD. Winter weather begins early November and lasts till April.
Beautiful area. Mountains, tree's, lakes. Lots of trails for horseback riding, snow mobiling and cross country skiing.
Taxes are high unfortuneately. Welfare is rampant in this area.

Tanya | Pulaski, NY
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- 5/20/2015
Pulaski NY : For the Most Diehard Snow Lovers
We've lived here 25+ years now. It was fun when we were young but getting 118"+ of snow ev...
Lisa | Orlando, FL | No Replies

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