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DeLand, FL
Star Rating - 11/16/2009
Home of Stetson, University(the Harvard of the South), St. John's River(beauty beyond description, teaming with every sort of fish and wildlife), compassionate rednecks, strong religious foundation, friendly, retired, young, yuppie, and laid-back paradise, chock-full of huge, 100 year-old oak trees. The downtown area is a thriving, economic and artistic-oriented award-winning Main Street U.S.A. The kind of town you go out of your way to drive thru and not around. Traffic volume is very livable. Centrally located between Daytona and Orlando, with easy access to I-4 and I-95, you can get anywhere in Florida rather quickly. Real estate is a real bargain compared to other parts of the country. Better be self-employed or be willing to work your way up in service oriented industries. All in all, the perfect place for friendly, young, retired down-to-earth God-fearing, Nascar lovin', lovers of nature and year-around sunshine! Come on down!
Charles | DeLand, FL
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- 2/22/2012
DeLand Police
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tj | DeLand, FL | 1 Reply

- 11/17/2010
crime in deland
DON'T MOVE TO DELAND,DELEON SPRINGS! The Deland Police department have some type of dirty ...
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- 9/7/2009
Nice Place to Live
De Land is a small town with lots to offer in and around the town. The small town atmosph...
Robert | DeLand, FL | No Replies

- 7/30/2009
Great Winters, Nearly Intolerable Summers
I moved here a little over a year ago after living in Miami Beach, New Orleans and Los Ang...
Doug | DeLand, FL | No Replies

- 8/31/2007
We Love DeLand!
Having personally lived all over the U.S.and in foreign countries, also, DeLand is a tot...
Denise | DeLand, FL | No Replies

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