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Review of Bloomington, Indiana

We love Bloomington
Star Rating - 7/5/2012
My husband works for the government and as a result, we have lived all over the United States. Some places are definitely better than others and Bloomington is definitely one of those better places.

The town is diverse with a thriving arts community. There is a "real" downtown, filled with eclectic shops and fine restaurants. The locals are friendly and the atmosphere is socially liberal. The public school system is very highly rated and good mass transit is available.

Indiana is a 4-seasons state and as such, the summers can be quite hot and the winters quite cold, but the winters do seem to be a bit milder in Bloomington and points south than in other parts of the state. Summer and autumn are spectacularly beautiful. When you think of Indiana, you think of of flat prairie, but Bloomington isn't like that. It's hilly and there are some beautiful state parks within close proximity. Lake Monroe, located nearby, is clean and offers boating, swimming and fishing.

Home prices are a little higher than elsewhere in the state and the proximity of IU makes traffic a challenge at times, but those are minor issues in the grand scheme of things. Bloomington reminds me a lot of Austin, TX as far as culture, opportunity and friendliness. However, the area isn't immune from the general economic conditions in the US, so if you plan to move here, make sure you have a job lined up. Also be prepared to pay a bit more for housing than you would in other areas.
Mariel | Bloomington, IN
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