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Lovely town, lights of city, Columbia River, bridg
Star Rating - 4/29/2010
I like Kennewick. I moved to Kennewick from Hermiston Oregon about ten years ago, and moved to Eltopia (twenty miles north, in farm country) about two years ago. In Kennewick I love seeing the city lights, the bridges crossing the Columbia River. Kennewick has almost all the services one would want, although for some serious medical conditions requiring specialists or a University,people still drive to Spokane which is a couple of hours away. We have miles of parks and trails along the Columbia River, good fishing, and rural surrounding areas which are beautiful farmland, with many vinyards, wheat fields and potato crops. There is lots of entertainment, outdoor music, a Farmers Market across the river in Pasco, a really nice, larger shopping mall that is aging gracefully and recently on, and new communities springing up on the outskirts with their own nice, albeit smaller, malls. An older downtown area has some nice little shops and restaurants. We have music stores (a must for musicians), several theaters, and one or more playhouses in nearby Richland. We are, I think, an hour or so from from Walla Walla, but I seldom find it necessary to travel except for pleasure. It is a long drive to the coast though, several hours to Mount Rainier I think, and maybe a couple more hours to the coast.

The only things I would warn about is that we are a windy, sometimes dusty area, and that the farmers here burn fields, so people who are not smoke/dust tolerant should be advised.
Bp | Eltopia, WA
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