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Star Rating - 10/29/2014
Private schools a must!!!! Small city with big fish in a small pond. Very hot, humid. A home in a nice neighborhood ( which can be right beside a terrible neighborhood) can run between $400,000- $$800,000. A moderately nice home in an older neighborhood that is safe may start around $325,000. Homes in The Country Club of LA start around $700,000 and up to millions. GREAT VARIETY OF GROCERY STORES- chain stores to many gourmet stores!!! We have WHOLE FOODS AND TRADER JOES. Wonderful hospitals abound. New Orleans is a 90 minute drive and the beach ( FL AND AL) is just a 3 1/2- 4 1/2 hour drive. The Cajun people are awesome. LSU SPIRIT RULES IN BATON ROUGE. THE UNIVERSITY IS GORGEOUS and has an excellent reputation. State tax is almost 10 percent- BEWARE!!! For the shoppers:: BATON ROUGE IS CONSERVATIVE AND THE STORES REFLECT THIS IN THE APPAREL THEY SELL. For those that have eclectic taste ( me) order online or shop in NEW ORLEANS!!! All in all, a fairly expensive place to live, conservative, very racist and homophobic. ( I DETEST THIS) and hot and humid. Public schools are horrendous for the most part. The private Catholic and Episcopal schools ROCK, however. This is an expensive option, so be prepared. Culturally, Baton Rouge has some, but NEW ORLEANS overflows w/ it. We tend to flood bc of hurricanes and tropical storms. MANY AREAS REQUIRE FLOOD INSURANCE. PEOPLE ARE AWFUL DRIVERS HERE- THEY DO NOT USE TURN
SIGNALS!!!! Summer exists for about 8 months. November is cooler, but it is not unusual to have some days in the 70-80's. December may range from 50-70's. JAN. and Feb. are the chilliest- a rare 20-30 degree day may occur w/ the usual daytime temp in the 50-60's. After that, the temperatures go up and up and up!!!! Not a bad place to live, but I prefer a more diverse culture w/ open -minded community and 4 seasons!!!
DIANE | Baton Rouge, LA
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- 8/4/2021
baton rouge is not a good choice
terrible place to live...
Ashley | Baton Rouge, LA | No Replies

- 3/18/2019
i live hear so....
I live hear so i can't say i hate it but i don't like it...
R | Vancouver, WA | No Replies

- 2/22/2017
Great school, Awful Administration
Don't get me wrong, this is a great school filled with many great teachers. I absolutely l...
Eleanor | Baton Rouge, LA | No Replies

- 12/18/2015
Looking give a review of website...
Julius | Baton Rouge, LA | No Replies

- 7/10/2014
Living in Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, LA, (metropolitan population about 775,000) is both the capital and the secon...
Alice | Baton Rouge, LA | 1 Reply

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