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Not a bad city, but not for everyone
Star Rating - 6/23/2019
In the recent 10 years, Viera has seen a lot of growth. The Avenue for starters, has been expanded. The Avenue is an outdoor shopping mall. Or at least that is what it was intended for. There is a theater, some high end shops such as art, jewelry or book stores. Not many stores to choose from. The ratio of restaurants to store is 8:3. Sure, there’s a lot of options for food. An overwhelming amount. Many restaurants (including chains) only last a few years in the Avenue. The rent is incredibly high, there’s too many options for people to try out.

At this going rate, in ten years time Viera will not have a single plot of unbuilt land. There has been apartments and hotels thrown up at every corner. Apartments where you wouldn’t think an apartment should go. Like, next to the school board, next to a government center including a court house. Viera has run out some small farms, just so they can build their apartment complexes. The nature is being taken out. Land is being destroyed. Because of the mentality build build build. Or, more money money.

Some people can be friendly. However, there are a far share of snobby people. It is apparent in the grocery stores. I work a physical job. I don’t sit in an office. I sometimes run into the store a little dirty. I get the looks, I can immediately tell who is judging me.

The most frustrating aspect of Viera is the golf carts. Brevard County has allowed the operation of golf carts in Viera. On the roadway, on the sideways, on the pathways into the stores. These are not your normal golf carts out on the course. These are more similar to gators or 4wd vehicles. They have been modded to go 25-35+ mph. During the summer, or after school, 80% of operators are underage children. Not even of age to drive a car yet. There has been a number of accidents involving these golf carts. Operators have been getting injured, or causing serious accidents with vehicles on the road. The golf carts often run red lights, fail to use turn signals, even though they are fully equipped.

Many that own and operate golf carts, maintain the mindset that they are a pedestrian. In which, you in a vehicle need to watch for them. They have the right away, no matter what. As one time I was reversing out of a parking spot. A black golf cart came barreling down the aisle nearly colliding with my vehicle. Instead of him stopping, he lays on his horn and continues. Never attempted to break. He was no where in sight when I began backing up. I only saw him when he was directly behind me. Others and myself have also witnessed walkers, joggers, or people on bikes be pushed off sidewalks because a golf cart was coming. No manners, but they don’t want to get the tires of their $20k golf cart dirty.

Viera is very expensive. The cost of living is off the charts. Many doctors and lawyers reside in the city. Rent especially is grossly overpriced. Viera has a lack of employment opportunities, unless it is that of government, retail, or restaurant. Which, 70% of government jobs are low paying which likely won’t suffice the high living costs.

There is no ghetto in Viera. Crime is nearly nonexistent. Never makes the news, except for a car accident here and there. It’s not a bad place to raise your family, if you can afford it. For safety reasons, the county needs to incorporate some ordinances for the golf cart operations. For starters, non licensed individuals should not be authorized to operate them. Unfortunately, it may take someone to lose their life for the city and county to collectively realize golf carts are unsafe.
T | West Melbourne, FL
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- 9/12/2019
Horrible city
Not a good town to raise a child or family. Just white people town with not manners. Every...
Rose | Melbourne, FL | No Replies

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