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Horrible place to live
Star Rating - 3/2/2017
After living in Ft Collins CO, Casper is truly a dump. I looked for a house for 12 months and for what you pay Casper housing is like low income housing in your average city. 75% of Caspers neighborhoods look like low income housing. The majority of residents have no pride of ownership. Many yards have no grass but weeds, people trash their property with junk. I realize this is not nice to say but the majority of Casper neighborhoods are like white trash. And it's expensive. Housing prices are high in Casper especially for what you get. Looks like at one time Casper boomed and all that was built was cheap box houses. The side walks in Casper are in terrible shape. The city must of used poor concrete at one time as the majority of the residential side walks are heavily cracked and crumbling. Caspers problem is several areas of town is built on a clay/dirt composite and it shifts a lot so beware of foundations if you buy. The wind blows 25+ mph on a average most days and in the winter 3-4 days a week it will blow 40 mph+. Several times on the outer edge of Casper you will get 70+ winds. If you enjoy any kind of outdoor sports avoid Casper at all costs. And Casper does not cater to any kind of outdoor sports except youth sports. I realize I am very critical of Casper but I am writing the truth. If you don't care about outdoor activities and wind you might not mind it. Casper just seems 30 years behind from other places I've lived and that even includes western South Dakota. Casper is the arm pit of Wyoming. Check it out thoroughly before you move there
Ray | Loveland, CO | Send Message
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