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sub-standard schools, no jobs, falling house value
Star Rating - 2/23/2010
Waiting and hoping home prices will rise so we can sell out without losing too much to recover.
the school system has failed the no student left behind standards every year recently. They had NO FUNDS for marching band, but thousands for lights on the football field. The school superintendent claims he is over-qualified as he has worked in a lengthy list of school districts, this means not one of them would keep him for any length of time.
The only decent jobs here are factory work in a chemical or plastics plant, but unless you have a GOOD GOOD friend in human resources, you have a better chance of winning the next five lotteries in a row.
It's not a bad retirement area as houses are cheaper every day, and there are a few attractions in the area thanks to being on the West Virginia border.
Driving through the Parkersburg, WV/ Belpre,OH area you will find hospitals, drug stores, bars and churches, but almost NOTHING else.
The cost of living is low as there are less people to buy goods and services each year, but almost all new businesses fail quickly, and walmart has deemed Belpre unsuitable for a new facility and has decided to build a warehouse on the property here instead.(I'm SO proud)
The only cash crop here is marijuana, so if you have a green thumb and don't mind paying off the corrupt law enforcement, this could be your new home.
I'd be overjoyed to sell you a nice house.
Vincent | Belpre, OH
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I wouldn't listen to this guy. I just moved here from Las Vegas, NV and it's WAY better here, and I love the city more than small towns. I found 4 jobs in about two months here. I currently have two of them, and dropped the other two. There are jobs here if you don't mind actually working and earning what you bring home. You may start out at a low wage (i.e. $8.50 per hour) but it's easy to work your way up if you care about doing so. If you want a lot of money to start out, then no, you probably won't find that job. But, that's capitalism, and that's how America has been for centuries. Work hard and you'll get what you deserve. That's how Belpre is. Either way, the low cost of living makes it acceptable to receive a lower starting wage because you'll be living great once you do get a few raises. As for failing small businesses: the place I'm working for has been failing at one thing. Finding hard working individuals that want to work for a living. Most people want to just hang on a broom handle and watch everyone else do the work. As for the schools buying things that enhance the sports dept. of their school over the music and arts: that's every school I've ever heard of. I don't know of any school that doesn't do that. Just about every school in Illinois (where I grew up), every school in Las Vegas (where I just moved from), and apparently here in Belpre. Why am I not surprised. As for driving through the surrounding areas, I've found just about any business you can think of. Almost all the food and department store chains you can think of. All the auto brands you can think of (aside from rare Italian sports cars). Computer repair shops, Granite counter top shops, Auto body and mechanic shops, bakeries, all of the ethnic foods that are common in most places, strip clubs, beautiful parks, organic food markets, dairy bars (whatever that means), insurance agents, book stores (both big chain and small local), freemasons (they're everywhere), marine water sports, fairs, carnivals, circuses, tanning businesses, hair salons, cell phone stores, game stores, pool and jacuzzi stores, coffee shops, musical instrument stores, and so so very much more.
Bo | Belpre, OH
- 8/5/2010
The Truth about the Belpre, OH/Parkersburg, WV are
I've read some bad things posted by other people and I just don't see where it's coming fr...
Bo | Belpre, OH | No Replies

- 5/31/2006
No crime, quiet corner on the Ohio River
If you work in the medical field, you can find a job easy, most places have hiring bonuses...
Robert | Belpre, OH | No Replies

- 3/31/2006
very affordable
Belpre is very affordable you can find rentals from 400-800...
Doug | Belpre, OH | No Replies

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