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I was going to be a new working Nurse
Star Rating - 4/18/2018
I would not move to any city that is a sanctuary city. All residents should have legal status. Illegal is illegal.
sharon | ,
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New "Mexico" imbecile, this is brown and red land, if you want to be around whites only move back to europe where YOU people come from.
Charles | Albuquerque, NM | Report Abuse
- 4/5/2019
I've lived in both cities, Albuquerque Wins!!
I was born in Santa Fe NM in 1969. My father is a retired Army officer, so at 12 years old...
Charles | Albuquerque, NM | No Replies

- 12/14/2018
Green Chile
Lived here for 31 years. Loved it....
Orlando | Bosque Farms, NM | No Replies

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