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Review of Reno, Nevada

Reno is actually a nice place to live.
Star Rating - 10/19/2020
I've lived in Reno for 7 years now and having lived in LA and Seattle before and I find it to be relatively pleasant (although due to COVID19 everything is kind of on hold.) I like the weather (lots of sunshine and only a little rain) and there is not much traffic (compared to LA and SEA.) The people are friendly enough but generally keep to themselves. The school system isn't great but my kids managed to made it thru (taking honors and AP classes) just fine. They participated in sports and other extra circular activities and generally had fun. They all went off to college elsewhere claiming not to like the city. They do come back to visit. The airport is small and easy to get in and out of. Precovid, I liked that it seemed there was always a community event or activity going on and the community would pull together for events and activities. Folks here are generally conservative but tend to be respectful of other opinions. (Some more than others.) I live in the suburbs and have a short commute (which is priceless.) The churches are small but nice. Shopping is easy and not crowded. Except for housing the cost of living is relatively modest. Again, no real traffic to speak of and generally a nice quiet place to live. The thing I like most about Reno is it seems you have time to smell the roses (or sage brush actually) and can cultivate a hobby or activity. You can keep yourself busy but it doesn't seem to be as busy as the big cities I've lived in most of my life. More time, less pressure, the great outdoors and a bit of isolation from the rest of the world. (Reno's a bit of an island as it is not connected to Vegas and not in California...) I like it and find it's peaceful.
David | Reno, NV
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Yeah I moved here from the Midwest and wouldn’t ever go back. The weather, outdoor activities, closeness to national parks and the coast of California and Oregon are priceless. Vegas is a short trip to fly or drive. Traffic is almost non existent vs where I came from. Yes housing sucks right now but I can walk out my front door and have some of the most beautiful scenery ever. Wild horses, snow capped mountains, and the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen in Tahoe which is 45 mins away. Sounds like people who are rating it bad don’t like those things for some reason.
Mark | Reno, NV | Report Abuse
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