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Cost of Living
Star Rating - 11/24/2015
Cost of living and the property taxes will kill you.
Jesse | Leesburg, VA
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- 3/21/2019
An Affluent Suburban Haven
Leesburg has grown from a sleepy county seat to a super suburb with terrific parks & rec f...
Lillian | Leesburg, VA | No Replies

- 5/10/2017
More expensive than most, but good jobs,lots to do
Leesburg and the surrounding Loudoun County have high real estate costs, but also high pay...
Al | Leesburg, VA | No Replies

- 7/28/2014
Cost of living - Beware
Buyer Beware - the town of Leesburg charges county residents who receive city water 168% o...
Michael | Leesburg, VA | No Replies

- 4/22/2012
Quality of Life
The Best....
Bp | Leesburg, VA | No Replies

- 7/29/2010
Town of Leesburg
Love the proximity to farm and countryside. The historic town and areas are wonderful. V...
michele | Leesburg, VA | No Replies

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