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Complete Joke, Mini Detroit
Star Rating - 12/11/2017
This city is a complete mess. I have lived all over the US for work and this place is a little Detroit after the great depression post 2008. Work is non-existent and if you are a professional even worse.
The real unemployment rate is around 30% and temp agency work is the norm or part time at best. Most people are on some form of government subsidies. The housing market is completely in the red with continues down turns in value yet the rental market is outrageous due to section 8 housing.
To add insult to injury the taxes are insane and the city is falling apart. The latest thing is FoxConn is coming and the state and local people are fronting the bill. "Dumb Asses"

The only thing this state thinks about is cheap beer and the Packers. It goes to work in factories for peanuts and hates everything outside of it's bubble of manure. "Go Pack"
Joe | Racine, WI
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- 3/17/2018
Needs to totally change
Sad to see how far it has fallen over the last three decades or so. Still very depressed ...
Simpson | Libertyville, IL | No Replies

- 6/29/2013
Racine (lost city)
No jobs, no recreation. Poor education. High crime. ...
Felicia | Racine, WI | No Replies

- 11/1/2012
Cost of living
It's a very very low cost of living...
Jese | Racine, WI | No Replies

- 8/28/2011
Not booming
Racine has lost so many jobs in the past 15 yrs, the economy looks bleek not to mention th...
Linda | Racine, WI | No Replies

- 4/5/2009
The Lake is cool. The beach is OK. The zoo is nice, and affordable. There are pleanty of b...
ELI | Racine, WI | No Replies

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