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Big City Trafic/Small Town Boredom
Star Rating - 4/11/2014
Port Charlotte used to be a nice sleepy retirement community back in the 80s and early 90s. Its population has steadily increased at a blitzkrieg pace though. You also have a huge number of seasonal residents that come down in the winter as well as vacationers who want to soak up sun. The result is you have a six lane highway with bumper to bumper traffic. Small side roads are full of endless streams of cars. And you aren't even in a city.

Despite what is reported about cost of living, the cost of living is high. Its low compared to New York or California, but compared to anywhere else its high. If you buy a house, its cheap. If you rent, the price is ridiculous. Groceries are very over priced. The restaurants are mediocre at best, but have lines all the way out of the door. And then in the summer everything is dead.

Unless you are a Doctor or a Nurse there isn't any work to speak of. This place is only good if you are retired, but even here I just don't like the steady increase of traffic. There's no public transportation here. Almost every time you buy something it seems to have an over inflated "tourist trap" price tag associated with it and the quality is lacking. Other than that its a beautiful town.
Raymond | Cincinnati, OH
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