Review of Puryear, Tennessee

I love my little town
Star Rating - 5/15/2009
I am one of those 1.95% that has moved to Puryear since 2000 that you reported. I married a Puryear citizen that he and his family were born and raised here and we live in his great-grandfathers farm house surrounded by family and we all go to the same church as well. Puryear Baptist Church. Tomorrow 05/16/09 is Puryear Day. It is a celebration we have every 3rd Saturday in May. But tomorrow marks the 100 year anniversary of Puryear. The sales tax here is 9.25 and we have a tax on groceries, however, being on the KY state line, many of us go to Murray for food because KY has NO sales tax on food items at all and their sales tax is only 6.0% on other goods. There are no good jobs here anymore, all of our have almost shut down completely. I lost a job in Murray, KY last year due to bankrputcy. It's very hard for some people to get by, but my husband also works and I'm taking temp work and anything else I can get to stay afloat. Everyone here for the most part would give you the last shirt they had if it was even on their backs. They smile, hug, mow your yard when you're sick, bring you groceries and come check on strangers after bad weather. I would not trade this for anything in the world. I love my little country church and we are very active members of the church both of us are teaching, singing, cleaning, maintaining, you name it we jump in and work. I lived in Orlando, FL downtown for 2 years. I would never leave Puryear. I grew up in Murray, KY so was familiar with the country area here but never thought I'd live in it. And I wouldn't ever give it up.
Elizabeth | Puryear, TN
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