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Anybody from area got any comments?
Star Rating - 3/27/2011
No comments as of this comment, well except this one. haha
Interesting notes of the area is is is still higher elevation than "the valley" (Bullhead City area) so not quite as hot yet is 200-700 feet lower than Kingman. Would really be nice to know how Kingman & Golden Valley compare for temps. I have never been to either but Golden Valley seems to have benefit of being about 20 minutes from Kingman and Bullhead City so twice the options while negative (or maybe positive) is you would not be near stores and etc.
Also of note is there appear to be several large lots around Golden Valley (40 acres+) but in fine print you will find no water available for those properties so beware. Golden valley itself is supplied (I read and did not verify) by underground lake (aquifer) that is 1000 feet deep and enough according to geologists to supply area for at least 100 years. Can't imagine what cost would be if you had to drill your own well 1000'.
jon | Pueblo, CO
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- 3/4/2018
The Most Beautiful Vista's in the World !!
Golden Valley is the last of the greatest places left to to own property and live comfort...
Terry A | Golden Valley, AZ | 1 Reply

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