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Buffalo, The Armpit of the United States
Star Rating - 11/8/2019
I grew up in WNY and have lived in various parts of the inner city as well as the surrounding suburbs. After recently relocating to MN I can honestly say that things are better here in every way! There are many more sunny days per year, less precipitation, lower taxes, better roads and infrastructure and possibly most important to me is a robust job market with plenty of opportunities to explore. Buffalo has no jobs, terrible winters, terrible roads, terrible taxes and the list goes on and on. By far the best decision that I have ever made personally was to depart from the armpit of the United States that is Buffalo, NY. For those of you that are staying because you are familiar, and you have family and friends, I get it, but there is so much more out there and way better living situations than Buffalo NY, try Buffalo, MN for example. MN>NY in every way.
Joshua | Delano, MN
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Come here to die
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Vitamin D Deficiency of Life
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Friendly place with better weather than you think
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Get Out
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