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Just a mini LA without all the jobs now.
Star Rating - 7/10/2019
Lived here my whole life too expensive to live here now might as well go homeless w everyone else. Homeless and drug addicts are everywhere. Very dirty I wish schools would take their kids and pick up trash to teach the new generations to not throw trash. The roads are so full now than it used to be with cars EVERYWHERE. It’s like I’m in California or something just without all the jobs it’s hard to get jobs other then fast food chain jobs.
Jasmine | Reno, NV
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Jasmine there are job openings at Burger King and Taco Bell so apply and you might achieve your goal.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV

Is there a lot of gang activity in Reno and crime?
Janice | Redding, CA
- 10/22/2018
Friendly, Beautiful Little City
I've lived in Reno for the last 7 years and am in love with this little city. The people ...
Robin | Reno, NV | 2 Replies

- 9/20/2018
Reno-healthy,weather,yr round activities,friendly
Lived in Reno for a year and loved it. Great community,church,outside recreation,small tow...
Candi | Reno, NV | No Replies

- 3/22/2018
A miserable dead end. Reno is cursed as kryptonite to the best of efforts. Most anything t...
Mae | Vancouver, WA | 2 Replies

- 3/2/2018
The Next Silicon Valley. Perfect Place to Move.
I remember myself moving to SF back in 2006. Reno has the same feeling today. It is slowly...
Andrew | Reno, NV | No Replies

- 11/25/2016
quality of life
reno has a me first mentality. so if looking for long term relationships forget it. very ...
deborah | Reno, NV | 3 Replies

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