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Just a mini LA without all the jobs now.
Star Rating - 7/10/2019
Lived here my whole life too expensive to live here now might as well go homeless w everyone else. Homeless and drug addicts are everywhere. Very dirty I wish schools would take their kids and pick up trash to teach the new generations to not throw trash. The roads are so full now than it used to be with cars EVERYWHERE. It’s like I’m in California or something just without all the jobs it’s hard to get jobs other then fast food chain jobs.
Jasmine | Reno, NV
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Yes, it is. This is a city with service economy where all high paying jobs are harder to find. I am IT professional and look for different jobs to jump, not much. Jasmine is correct with the homeless/dirty city. There are many homeless people who need help although not so much like in California cities like LA, SJ, Sac... but the streets have trash every corners. City council does not do good job in cleaning or picking up trash for recycling (can, plastic, paper, glass bottle and so on are everywhere. I moved here 2 years ago and consider move some place else for IT job as well as lower cost of living. I lived at South Reno and feel safe although there are few incidences.
Duy | Reno, NV | Report Abuse

Jasmine there are job openings at Burger King and Taco Bell so apply and you might achieve your goal.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

Is there a lot of gang activity in Reno and crime?
Janice | Redding, CA | Report Abuse

The traffic is nothing like Ca, not in your wildest dreams. The dirty areas tend to be downtown, not unusual in cities, I'm from San Jose and appreciate the low housing prices and the quality of the housing stock, but I have chosen to stay away from near downtown. Crime and homelessness also tend to be close to downtown. Homeless problem here is minor compared to Bay Area, LA, Seattle or Portland, but near downtown it is significant.
GRAHAM | San Jose, CA | Report Abuse
- 10/19/2020
Reno is actually a nice place to live.
I've lived in Reno for 7 years now and having lived in LA and Seattle before and I find it...
David | Reno, NV | No Replies

- 9/28/2020
Expensive and will continue to get more expensive
BestPlaces is years behind current data by 5+ years. This city is becoming more and more e...
Eric | Reno, NV | No Replies

- 9/2/2020
DO NOT MOVE HERE. I've lived here almost 30 years. It's more dangerous to live in Reno, NV...
Sandy | Reno, NV | 1 Reply

- 7/5/2020
is it true there's a big snake problem in Reno?
Interesting place I love the mid-desert some of my concerns are well the cost of life Hous...
scott | Hurricane, UT | No Replies

- 7/2/2020
There is worse. But there is also much better too.
At least it's better than Carson City which is the most boring place on earth. It's also ...
Anon | Sacramento, CA | No Replies

- 6/30/2020
Observations of Reno by a Seattlite (continued)
Drivers in Reno are disproportionately bad and aggressive. Expect people to drift into you...
Eric | Spokane, WA | No Replies

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