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Not Much to Do
Star Rating - 12/1/2008
Unless you're into getting wasted on a regular basis there's not a lot to do here. Most people barhop for fun. Being someone who doesn't drink and doesn't enjoy being around drunk people, my only other option is to go to church, but being the non-religous person that I am, that's not exactly an option I want to partake in either.
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- 10/17/2017
10/10 would live here again
Floods, tornadoes, cold winters, hot summers, lot of crime, not much good education. But a...
Donnie | Waterloo, IA | 1 Reply

- 3/27/2009
Bike Racks on the MET Buses
The bike racks recently installed on the MET buses was a great idea for a community that h...
Mark | Waterloo, IA | No Replies

- 8/22/2008
So the weather is emotional here - on and off during the summer its hot and rainy, yet dur...
Nicholas | Waterloo, IA | No Replies

- 4/19/2008
the Cedar Valley is a great place to live
We've lived in the Cedar Valley region of northeast Iowa - centered on Waterloo/Cedar Fall...
sjd | Waterloo, IA | No Replies

- 2/17/2008
Waterloo - Pros/Cons
Pros: 1. Low crime rate 2. Extremely low cost of living and housing 3. Affordable place...
Clint | Barry, IL | 1 Reply

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