Review of Havre, Montana

Star Rating - 1/16/2007
Havre Montana is a nice town..all of montana has a rugged beauty if you ask is not for really have to live here to appreciate it..the people are wonderful and giving..Havre is secluded in the winter since this season brings very harsh weather...a little snow but can be very icy and travel is not always an option to say, Great Falls, is at this time that you will form friendships if you live here...The Bear Paw Mtns are about 20 minutes away and just lovely there in spring and summer..we tend to stay out there in our 5th wheel as much as we can...lots of trees,hiking paths, creeks--just gorgeous!!A few reservours close by also for fishing..Hunting is a big pass-time here also..Elk/deer not too far...This is a man's paradise as far as geography goes but I have found that women are respected here very much, it's kinda refreshing to see this!!Women tend to be close-knit with one another...The Railroad plays a big hand in the economy here as does the hospital for employment..this town should have your look-see if you want to raise your children in a good town with not much crime and good morals..retirees might also love it here and people do tend to look out for one another..
Ravina | Havre, MT
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