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Star Rating - 7/30/2007
Located just 15 minutes from Cincinatti,Lawrenceburg is considered to be welcoming suburb.Having just moved to indiana from naples,fl my family and was really looking forward to the change in scenery.However,Lawrenceburg has very cold winters and a Brown river that we are still getting used to.Not the usual aquamarine ocean.We are in the tri-state area and can comute to work in ohio,kentucky or indiana if we choose too.each no more than 20 minutes away.There is a beautiful Casino that funds most of the school districts scholarships!not much diversity though, only about 275 african americans and less than 100 latino"s and about 60 asians.With a large majority of elderly caucasion people.plenty of houses left to buy we got our bi-level 2 bath,2 car garage with a finished basement in a nice safe neighborhood for 132,000.00. the schools are safe as well and there is hardly a need to lock your door!we love our new town!and its plush countryside.
tiffany | Hidden Valley, IN
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