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Bad place to live and raise a family
Star Rating - 3/28/2010
Williams Az is like a poor city. No place to raise children.Place to vacation and I don't even think to retire. You have to haul your water and it is filled with messy lots and mobile homes. (OLD ONES) Pretty ugly.Nice trees but again poverty looking. The people are pretty out of date with about everything.They are use to living like that , so no need for anything to be nice and clean. They can live with crap out in front of their homes.Williams Az will never have a Theme Park there. It is just a joke.If you want to go there I would camp out for a bit and I mean a bit then you will see and be running back home.People are kind of freaky too.It is just a joke of a no town.Go some where nice to camp or rest for a secluded vacation.There are many other places to find.Spending hard working money on something there would be very wrong to do. Trust me you would be very upset you did and would never be able to sell it. You would be out some money .Try it out and you will seeeeeeee !!!!!!!!
Maria | Huntington Beach, CA
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- 3/7/2016
Quality of Life
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They're letting it die
I've lived in Williams for a few years now. At first I was completely in love with this r...
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- 10/18/2009
Williams is a bit pricie but still my Meca
I live full time in California but my heart is in Williams. I have a home outside of town...
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Williams- Gateway to the Grand Canyon
Williams is the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. Nice, friendly little tourist town, great pla...
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- 7/28/2006
Williams, AZ
Known as the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Williams is the home of the Grand Canyon railwa...
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