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Ocala Good place to live
Star Rating - 4/20/2019
I have been a resident since 1987 of Ocala, FL . I have raised 2 children hear. Like ever place it has its up and downs. But I choose to change the bad areas and make it better. It has nice parks, It has Horse farms and local events. If you are looking for Disney World this is not your place. There is ample employment if especially if you have credentials. If you have little to no education then the job market will likely be an issue. I find those struggling with employment usually failure to pass background checks and with failure to search hard. We do have Lockheed Martin and other large employers I am a Realtor and can help you with relocation. Fort King Realty, 3528405464.
Carolyn | Ocala, FL
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Once a mecca for retirees, the cost of housing, crime and vehicles has grown exponentially. Medical facilities are mediocre while great medical care is hard to find. Auto expenses are higher because everything is so far apart. The summer heat is unbearable, and if you have allergies, this is not the place for you. Homeowner insurance difficult to get due to sinkholes, so check with ins carrier before buying in the area.
DAJ | Orlando, FL | Report Abuse

Tracy, is this a review for Ocala or a spelling bee? I came to this review because I wanted to learn about Ocala, you have taught me two things... 1. Why I DO NOT want to live in Clermont 2. That people in Clermont have way too much time on their hands when they have to post irrelevant judgmental comments on reviews that may actually matter to some people, such as myself. I am now grammatically fulfilled knowing that you DO NOT capitalize horse, BUT I still DO NOT know anything about Ocala! I thank you Tracy for rudely interrupting my research on a place I am interested in moving to, BUT also saving me the time (that I DO NOT have) to look at Clermont. If you are in fact a product of that environment, I'd rather set myself on fire than be your neighbor! If you really have nothing better to do, feel free to spell check my comment as well or maybe you could spend your time wisely and check to see if that "night school" is hiring! I'm going to go back to learning about Ocala. Have a nice night Tracy.
Jennifer | Manchester, NH | Report Abuse

following, I am planning to relocate here in maybe 2 years. I have to make sure I am established with Swift Transportation first. Probably looking for either a oversized 2 bedroom home or a nicely sized 3 bedroom home. I did see a few on Zillow that caught my wife's and mine attention.
Michael | Clarksburg, WV | Report Abuse

You say you are a Real Estate Agent? You might want to brush up on your spelling, grammar and punctuation! Just for starters...HEAR should be HERE, EVER should be EVERY, UP should be UPS, you should never start a sentence with BUT, Horse should not have been capitalized, etc. etc. You could take night school! Try it!
Tracy | Clermont, FL | Report Abuse

Are there racial issues in ocala? What are the worst areas to live in ocala?
Robin | Statesville, NC | Report Abuse
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