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Racist and cursed
Star Rating - 11/2/2021
Such a horrible place. The racism is too much. You cant even take a walk to the park without hearing a racial insult thrown at you. You cant even go to the store without encountering angry cold stares. You can barely enjoy your life in this underdeveloped poorly run and boring city. The roads are horrible, the city water services charges you an arm and a leg for water, storm drain, recycle, garbage, and more! You cant even negotiate (for example, take out the garbage, or the recycle to bring my bill down in the future). Such a disgusting place. I never felt safe there. Been living there for 30+ years. I became depressed. The public treated me as if I was an enemy to them, just for being a different skin color.
Jon | Bismarck, MO
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- 4/27/2021
Great place to live, average place to visit. :)
I grew up here, moved away, came back to raise my family and have been back since 1993. I...
Kate | Cedar Rapids, IA | 1 Reply

- 5/30/2019
Hehe, I'm in 6th grade.
I want the people who live here to be happy, 5 STARS!!!...
Jocelin | Salem, OR | No Replies

- 5/24/2017
Avoid if possible
The streets here are TERRIBLE. Speed Scameras everywhere! People are rude! One way streets...
Scott | Cedar Rapids, IA | 3 Replies

- 7/13/2015
About transportation
I would like to share about transportation here in Cedar Rapids IA. here the service of tr...
Fudjo | Cedar Rapids, IA | No Replies

- 5/18/2015
Unfriendly folks
One thing I've noticed about the people in Cedar Rapids is most are unfriendly. People he...
Jeff | Cedar Rapids, IA | No Replies

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