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Star Rating - 12/31/2012
Harrisonburg is small town, yet has the same experiences that a big city offers (just on a smaller scale). The reason for the wealth of experiences is because H'burg is a college town, the home of James Madison University. I live in the city limits, and everything is close and easy to get to either by walking, biking or taking the great, inexpensive public bus system. I live two miles from work and about a mile from downtown, with my longest commute being to church (about 5 miles away). I live in a nice neighborhood along two different bus routes, and sidewalks connect me to my usual destinations.
Scott | Harrisonburg, VA
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40 years ago the area was tranquil and nice. Today, Church's have usurped vote from people, bring immigrants in in co-op with Government and illegally. JMU owns Harrisonburg. Crime stats are swept under the table. Drug activity including drugs, murder and other crimes are everyday occurrence. Northern invasion, Liberal Democrats, have ruined political scene. Moved to escape corrupt northern governments High tax, etc.. yet they bring these politics South and make same demands, ruining the area. Can't wait to move out. Anytown USA, Virginia City #12, nothing attractive about area.
Jay | Harrisonburg, VA

We lived in Dayton, VA for 9 years...Just minutes from Harrisonburg. We recently sold our house and are now living in an apartment in Harrisonburg until our house is finished in North Carolina. The crime in Harrisonburg is awful. Where we live, there are on the street drug deals, in the house next to us. There are illegals living up and down our street. Sirens going at least once every 2 hours. There has been a huge uptick in violent crime, in the 9 years we have lived near Harrisonburg. We had the first strong arm robbery in this past year while living in Dayton. Violent crime is moving down South High Street into the various bedroom communities. Corruption? There was a woman who was struck in Harrisonburg by a truck who almost lost life. Over 1 million dollars of medical bills racked up at UVA, along with the cost of the life flight service to get her out of RMH that evening. The scumbag that hit her was caught dead to rights as he ran through an intersection and struck this woman with MS. That night, an accident sketch was drawn, given to this woman at a later date, and LOST by the police force, along all other documents relative to the investigation. This guy got off scot-free. The amount of taxes that are gathered here does not correlate to the number of amenities. There are no high end grocery stores; 1 movie theater, 1 endodontist, the hospital has lousy ER service...No contemporary church due to the stranglehold of the Mennonite culture. The schools are overcrowded due to this "welcoming environment" and no infrastructure nor appropriate tax base to handle the influx. The substitute teacher pay is awful, both in Harrisonburg as well as Rockingham County. JMU is constantly building. Constantlyblosing coaches. Harrisonburg has police chiefs resigning for no stated reason. Any investigation of crime is NOT followed up by any of the daily rags. The money required to pay for this out-of-control building by JMU comes mostly from the taxpayer: not from the endowment fund. Check out the number of engineering degrees that prepare the graduates to go directly into the test for the PE. My finger is sore. Jay is right on the money. Anytown USA is an improvement over this false narrative of a city.
Art | Dayton, VA
- 10/11/2012
Woud like to know more about quality and cost of l
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Very Reasonable
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Weather in the Northern Shenandoah Valley
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Judith | Harrisonburg, VA | No Replies

- 4/8/2009
Beautiful past, now Ghetto...heartbreaking
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- 4/1/2009
Natrual Beauty
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Jesse | Alabaster, AL | No Replies

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