Review of New York, New York

gun hill road an webster ave area of the bronx
Star Rating - 3/31/2008
this area is on it's way down. it's like a place hanging on from being a nice place to live to being a place where it's nice on my block, but the rest of the neighborhood is becoming a shambles. unfortunately the cost of housing is rising beyond many peoples' ability to pay what the asking prices are are outrageous. i thought i got a deal at $1500 a month for a 4 bedroom apt in a private house. but with faulty wiring, bad plumbing and a landlord that has a problem with giving heat, this whole situation has prompted me to look in another state for a better quality of life. in the past 20 years i've seen the prices on housing drop in the bronx, which prompted those who can't afford to live in manhattan come here to the bronx. unfortunately the economic state of a lot of those forced out of manhattan is not too high which brings along a higher crime rate with it. prices dropping in the north east end of the bronx, those who can afford to move (from the areas nearest where i live) went up there. as you can see there is a cycle of movement of people seeking a better way of life but that's not the case. being in a big city is like being in a big glass of many drinks. you move the glass around and the flavors change but the aftertaste is still the same. i'm leaving new york!!!
fred | New York, NY
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